Basmalah Safawi dates first class

Product Description

Safawi dates grown in different areas, but the top and best dates are grown mainly in Al-Madina region of Saudi Arabia, and the dates are smooth and some kind of dried.

Safawi dates are identified by their color and length, which are blackly maxed with red, and their medium-long size, and not to forget the taste which is a bit similar to Ajwa dates.

The Safawi dates various from palm tree to other in time of grown and harvesting, which makes it available around the year not like other types of dates like Ajwa dates, Sokari dates, and Mariami dates that have specific times to grown and harvest. Nevertheless, Safawi is one of the most demanded dates in the market due to its enormous health benefits.


Additional information


Medina, Saudi Arabia


length = 3.5cm to 4.5cm / Wight = 9g to 12g