Product Description

Barhi dates are considered one of the best types of dates, which are characterized by yolk, color, softness and intense sweetness.

Where are Barhi dates produced?

Fresh barhi dates are considered one of the most famous types of Iraqi dates and are divided into two types: Burhi Basra and Burhi Baghdad.

Barhi dates benefits

Barhi dates have important properties for digestion, so it is recommended to eat them after eating to facilitate the digestion process One of the most distinguishing features of yellow barhi dates is their high sweetness.

The fact that their fruits are free from the astringent substance in the yellow khalal stage, it is eaten rotab and dates. Dates Contin vitamins and minerals like magnesium, Vitamin B, iron. Barhi dates was transported from Iraq to many countries. We provide barhi dates and all kinds of dates to order contact us.


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