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Egyptian dates (Egyptian Kurma)

There are many different types of dates that are cultivated in different parts of Egypt:

  • Barhi :

The fruits of Barhi dates grow in the summer and autumn.

  • Al-Thawri dates:

They are dates that have many wrinkles and a reddish-brown color

  • Halawi Al-Halawi dates:

They are dates with a sweet taste. They are also distinguished by their small size and soft texture when eaten. They are called Halawi because they are very sweet.

  • Medjool dates:

They are a soft-textured, reddish-brown date. It is considered one of the most distinctive dates.

  • Khadrawi dates:

They  are distinguished as they are dark brown in color, and this type contains a small amount of sugar and a distinctive taste.

  • Deglet Noor dates:

They are one of the most tender dates, and this type of dates is characterized by its unique taste close to the taste of honey, and many people prefer this type of dates because of its soft texture in the mouth and its unique flavor.

  • Fard date:

It is a type of dates with a sweet taste. This type of dates is distinguished by its rather thin skin and contains a small seed.

  • Zahdi dates:

They are dry dates with a golden color and a cylindrical shape, in addition to containing a lot of sugar inside.

  • Dairy dates:

They are red in color and this color fluctuates over time. It is distinguished by its soft texture and sweet taste.

  • Zaghloul dates:

They are date is one of the most famous dates in Egypt. It is distinguished by its dark red color and relatively long size. It is a very sweet dry date.

  • Medjool dates:

They are dark-colored and have a sugary flavor close to caramel. These dates are fairly long in size, and the original home of these dates is morocco , but there are many places where they are cultivated, including the Middle East, the most important of which is Egypt.

Egyptian dates benefits:

Dates contain iron, copper, magnesium, manganese, potassium, and calcium, which help regulate blood pressure. Moreover, dates contain vitamins and a high percentage of antioxidants that eliminate free radicals in the body; so, they protect against cancer.

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