Best 15 Different Types of Dates in Saudi Arabia | Popular Dates Varieties and Kinds

Dates (also called Tamar or Kurma) are one of the most important and oldest fruits associated with Middle East and the Islamic history. Noticeably, type of dates are vital and staple source of food for almost all families in the Middle East.  One of the reasons is that dates are considered as holy fruits. Not to forget that dates are one of the oldest cultivated fruits in the history.  Read more about the history of
type of dates


type of dates

most popular dates kinds

Dates come in different flavors and shapes, but there are some common things that all dates share, they are sweet, chewy and bombs of minerals and vitamins. Not to mention the tremendous health benefits of dates. Therefore, undoubtedly, dates are considered one of the most beneficial and tasty fruits type of dates.

Speaking about dates’ health benefits, they contain a lot of minerals and vitamins which are essential for the body. These fruits have undeniable advantages for our health. Honestly, dates do not pop up into our minds when we think about healthy foods and this is because our lack of knowledge about their health benefits, so it is time to change that.

Dates come in different varieties and with some varieties it is hard to tell the difference. But it is no longer difficult after this article.
Take a look at the following kinds of dates.

1. Ajwa Dates :

ajwa dates

ajwa dates

Ajwa date is known as one of the most luxurious types of dates. It grows exclusively in Madinah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
kurma Ajwa dates’ characters range from a dark brown to a dark black color with white wrinkles.
There are two types of Ajwa dates: Dry and Soft.

Nowadays, Ajwa dates are classified according to their size and weight of the fruit, a good Ajwa date has curly, black and good texture. Ajwa date is distinguished by its sugary taste.

Interested to know about the benefits of Ajwa dates, or I can say “miracles of ajwa dates”.

2. Anbara Dates ( Amber Dates ) :

Anbara Dates Or Amber Dates, Amber Khajoor is one of the most expensive types of khajoor. It is characterized by a large fruit
and a small kernel. Amber dates is a rich source of protein. These large dates have a big and fleshy shape with small seed.

3. Sukkari Dates :

Sukkari-DatesSukkari dates Also known as barari sukkari dates are distinguished by their large grain and golden outer crust. They are called sugary dates due to their sweetness and taste. In addition, Sukkari is considered the ideal substitute for sugary sweets. Sukkari dates are the best-tasting dates among most types of dates, if not all. They have a caramel-like taste.

4. Safawi Dates :

Safawi dates are considered one of the best kinds of Royal dates which are famously known by their color, “Mixture of a
strong black color with a bit of a cherry’s color”, and shape, “midsized cylindrical shape which is close to the shape of Ajwa dates”.
These dates are known for their healing properties and high content of minerals.

5. Kholas Dates :


Kholas date goes through several stages, the first before it is fully matured and is known as the wet, the second is the wet stage and the third after it is fully matured is the dates. This type is distinguished by its sugary taste and golden color. People serve it with coffee as a form of hospitality.

6. Barhi Dates :

barhi dates

Barhi dates are yellow and crunchy. The ripe date tastes like caramel and brown sugar. It’s sweet, like most dates.
These creamy dates are really delicate and often sold while they’re still on the thin branches.
These seasonal dates can be frozen and stored for months.

7. Khudri Dates :

Khudri Dates

Khudri date is a dark brown date, dry and sweet. They have wrinkled skin and may be either large or small.
They’re one of the most exported dates because of their freshness and reasonable prices.
They are one of the best dates to go for if you want to refresh and energize.

8. Medjool Dates :

Medjool DatesMedjool dates are one of the most important types of dates around the world. It tastes delicious in a way that resembles
the taste of caramel and they leave a long-lasting impression in the mouth. It is also distinguished by its large size,
due to its sugary taste and freshness. It is used in the preparation of juices that have several health benefits
such as strengthening the immune system.

9. Zahidi Dates :

Zahidi Dates

Zahidi date tastes like a walnut. It has a thick straw with a golden color. What distinguishes this type of dates in terms of health
is that it contains a high percentage of fiber.

10. Mabroom Dates :

Mabroom DatesMabroum dates have a long slender shape and they are well-known with their dark brown color. Not like other kind of dates,
Mabroom dates are not very sweet. Mabroom dates have a special texture that is both soft and firm. Mabroom Dates are
one of the best quality dates and they are rich source of minerals and antioxidants.

11. Deglet Noor Dates :

Deglet Noor Dates

Deglet nour dates (also called queen of all dates) are considered one of the best dates in the world. They are cultivated in Algeria, specifically in the Tolga region. They are characterized by their soft touch so we may categorize them as soft dates ,
a transparent light color, and a taste that resembles honey, and these characteristics are what distinguishes it from the rest of the dates.

12. Saghai Dates :

Saghai Dates

Saghai dates are soft and have delicious sweetness. They grow in the Arabian Peninsula. Its color is golden brown,
golden on its tip and dry and on the rest of the body it is brown and soft.

13. Mazafati Dates :

Mazafati DatesMazafati dates are common type of palm tree fruit. They are soft, fleshy, black and have medium size.
They are produced in southern Iran.

14. Khadrawy Dates :

Khadrawy Dates

Khadrawy dates are distinct from all varieties of dates. This is because khadrawy dates are dried,mild sweet but less sugar and
have a black color. Iraq Country produces dates for all countries around the world and khadrawy is one from its premium dates.

15. Halawi Dates :

Halawi Dates

Halawi dates are produced in Iraq. They have sweet flavor.


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