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Mabroom Dates :

Mabroom Dates : Obviously, there are many varieties and types of saudi dates, but the mabroum kurma is distinctive.

However, Mabroom kurma, which are also known as Barari mabroom dates, certainly have a unique long slender shape and mostly known from its dark brown color.Moreover, mabroum unlike other date variety like the Safawi and Ajwa dates are not sweet due to not having any added sugar to them its delicious dates.

Kurma Mabroom origin :

cultivated in Madina, Saudi Arabia.

Mabroom dates benefits :

As a matter of fact, Mabroom Dates has many benefits diagnose that affect the health condition of the human body and prevent any disease.
Mabroum aren’t intended to dignose treat cure.

Also these benefits consist of:

  • Prevention, treatment and cure of high cholesterol levels.
  • It prevents many illnesses such as Alzheimer, diabetes and cancer.
  • Bowel movements are assisted to be smoother.
  • High concentration of anti oxidants that help your body cells.
  • helps your brain function in a more efficient way.

Typical Nutritional facts of Mabroom dates per 100 grams

Calcium 25 mg
Iron 1.5 mg
Magnesium 50 mg
Potassium 667 mg
Sodium 13 mg
Chloride 271 mg
Manganese 4.9 mg
Copper 2.4 mg
Zinc 1.2 mg
Sulphur 14.7 mg
Cobalt 1.9 mg
Phosphorus 60 mg











Percentages based on a diet of 2000 calories a day.

The mabroom is a dry fruit that can help with diseases and health conditions a person may have and for this reason, dates are amazing.

Regarding dietatry supplements in mabroum :
Besides most sweet things, mabroom kurma aren’t bad for you. Also, they’re actually an excellent source of iron, potassium, B-vitamins, protein, and fibers.

In addition, Mabroum is a traditional date variety originating from saudi arabia. These elongated dates have a light red to bronze skin and a candy-like texture that’s chewy and sticky. Yet, It’s recommended to enjoy them at room temperature, not straight out of the fridge.

premium quality:

Mabroom kurma are a form of soft dry date variety (just like Ajwa dates) which can be grown mainly in Saudi Arabia inside the Western Peninsula. Also, kurma Mabroom have an extended slim body. They have skin that is nearly translucent and dark brown in color

Undoubtedly, they are one of the famous and expensive type of dates in Saudi Arabia. However, these dates have a longer slender body in a dark maroon or brown color. Again, mabroom kurma enriched with a variety of nutrients especially protien that helps you build muscles

health benefits:

  • Another key point, Mabroom are rich in vitamins and minerals, including soluble fibre, potassium, iron and magnesium. So, Mabroum are bite sized, which makes it easier for one to keep track of how much to consume, they’re easy to store and contain natural energy booster.
  • Although this may be true, Dates can promote brain health when regularly consumed—3 to 5 a day. By contributing towards managing inflammation in the body, they may be able to lower the risk of developing disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. Above all, the antioxidants in dates can also help mitigate the risk of cancer and heart disease
  • Prevention, treatment and cure of high cholesterol levels, Avoidance of many illnesses such as alzheimer, diabetes and cancer
    Bowel movements are assisted to be smoother

Dates as medicine and preventive medicine:

The Prophet Muhammad once said that Therefore Muslims are highly encouraged to explore and use traditional and modern forms of medicine, with faith that any cure is from Allah”.
One of the most recommended fruit as natural medicine is dates. One can find countless reasons for its recommendation. It is a rich and instant source of energy making It useful for people experiencing low glucose levels or low energy. It contains less fiber with an extremely high amount of glucose, this makes it an instant energy packet. The date contains 2.2% protein, vitamin A, vitamins B1, B2, and nicotinic acid (against Pellagra) it has traces of minerals needed for the body like magnesium, potassium, calcium, and phosphorous. It can be used as preventive medicine in all seasons.

Varieties and Types of dates:

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Medina, Saudi Arabia


length = 4cm to 5cm / Wight = 11g to 13g