Product Description

Indeed, mariami dates ( also known as Piarom dates or mariami jumbo ) considered to be one of the most tasty and delicious dates.
Also, these kind of dates have oval-like shape and they are semi-dried.

However, piarom dates cultivated in the Arabic Gulf and they existed in the market with different qualities according to the
origin of the cultivation’s place. So, mariami dates price is different from place to another.

mariami dates benefits

As a matter of fact, mariami dates are famously known with their health benefits. Even mariami date’s seed is widely used in traditional and medical remedies. Mariami dates contain plenty of  minerals and vitamins  which are essential for the body,
especially the immune system. Mariami dates used in different ways such as making oil out of them and
several dishes like sweets and cookies.

nutritional facts

Typical nutritional facts per 100 grams
Calories 227 Cal Fat 0 g
Carbs 75 g Protein

Dried dates are also rich in polyphenols. These compounds provide a wide variety of health benefits, such as better digestion, diabetes management, and even cancer prevention. While many dried fruits have high polyphenol content, dried dates are the richest sourc

Eating Mariami Jumbo Dates will enrich your body with numerous minerals such as Potassium, Magnesium, and Multi-Vitamins which are beneficial to the immune system, whereas high fibre is beneficial for the digestive system. Mariami Dates are popular due to their unique taste

Mariami Date

they are semi-dry and chewy in texture. Mariami Dates are dark brown in color and elongated in shape. They have more wrinkles and are less sweet compared to Mabroom Dates. Apart from having a semi dry skin, Mariami or also known as Piarom dates also have a very appealing auburn colour covered them.

Mariami dried fruits are popular with unique taste. you can eat it, or chopped and used in different ways like adding in to cereal, pudding, cakes, or bread.

Mariami AA dates are extremely nutritious, containing more natural sugar than any other fruit. The fruits contain protein, Vitamin A, and some of the B vitamins

Sayer dates and mariami premium dates is one of the varieties which grows in the south of Iran




Medina, Saudi Arabia


length = 4cm to 5cm / Wight = 10g to 12g