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khajoor dates are the best in quality and come with good taste chewy dates with a sweet flavour. ajwa khajoor grew up in Oman. khajur fruit is also distinguished by its black color and sweet and delicious taste. Khajoor dates are high in nutrients and have a variety of benefits and uses. It also has many health benefits.

One of the most important benefits of dry khajur dates is that it is considered an antioxidant. It also raises energy levels. It also provides the body with a large number of vitamins and minerals found in this fruit.

The most important benefit you will get from the fruits of khajoor dates is instant energy. Because khajur is full of glucose, you’ll feel massive amounts of energy throughout the day. You will be able to work for longer periods of time without any stress. To order Khajur dates, ¬†or ask khajoor price contact us

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